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Research Collection

  • Boyle, Patrick
    Kuzmich, Andrea

    VIDEO: Patrick Boyle presents on his experiences with the big band at University of Victoria, students' comfort level with improvisation, and the use...

  • Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium 2010

    Moderator: Gillian Siddall. Melissa Walker and Rob Jackson (School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph), "Play-ability:...

  • Derbez, Alain
    Nicholls, Tracey
    Hurd, Devin

    VIDEO: Three presenters give talks on a range of topics related to improvisation and community formation, and to the protestation of social...

  • Smith, Charles
    Kazubowski-Houston, Magdalena
    Watkins, Paul

    VIDEO: A panel consisting of four presentations. Charles C. Smith (University of Toronto at Scarborough), presents a paper entitled: "Wind in the...

  • Spencer, Michael
    Stanbridge, Alan

    Michael Spencer discusses the rise of Jazz radio alongside the boom of hi-fi jazz music, the roles of advertising and the implications and receptions...

  • Lee, David
    Williams, Lisa
    Laver, Mark

    VIDEO: A diverse range of topics is discussed, including exploring whether status transaction—as a cornerstone of theatrical relationships—can be...


    VIDEO: Paper presentations given as part of the panel on Teaching Improvisation. The panelists include Tanya Kalmanovitch (New England Conservatory...

  • Dean, Roger
    Oliveros, Pauline
    Prouty, Ken

    VIDEO: Four panelists present on a range of topics related to improvisation, technology, and time. Roger Dean: “Dynamic Signifying: Control of Sound...

  • Dobozy, Tamas
    Maclean, John
    Barontini, Fabien

    VIDEO: Three talks are given by a panel of presenters on topics surrounding the relationship between improvisation and public institutions and venues...

  • Akinola, Olabanji
    Ceschi-Smith, Tegan

    VIDEO: Olabanji Akinola discusses the role of lyrical improvisation in a Nigerian context. Tegan Ceschi-Smith provides a description of Charles...