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Symposium on Voice, Agency, and Improvisation

In preparation for the symposium, the Thinking Spaces reading group is presenting a series of free vocal workshops, to be held on Sundays from 12-2 at Silence Guelph. If you're interested in attending, find out more here. These gatherings will result in a performance at the Summit.

Facebook page for the gatherings (please like us!)

Symposium Schedule - June 26th, 2014

9:45-10:00am - Opening comments by Chris Tonelli & Lauren Michelle Levesque and "Wake Up Call" by Rob Wallace

10:00-11:30am - Panel - Voices, Alliances, Identities

  • 10:00 Kati Szego - Hawaiian Falsetto Singing through the Prism of "Alliance Studies"
  • 10:30 Gabriel Dharmoo - Hearing Cultural Identity in Vocal Sound
  • 11:00 Kara Ann Attrep - "Between a Dance and a Scream": Yoko Ono and the Gendered Global Voice

11:30-12:30pm - Public Interview with Phil Minton and Maggie Nicols

12:30-1:30pm - Lunch

1:30-3:30pm - Open Vocal Workshop with Phil Minton and Maggie Nicols

3:45-5:00pm - Artists Panel Discussion with Maggie Nichols, Phil Minton, Paul Dutton, Christine Duncan, and W. Mark Sutherland

8:00pm - Free Concert with Maggie Nichols, Phil Minton, Paul Dutton, Christine Duncan, W. Mark Sutherland, and the Guelph Vocal Exploration Choir

Improvisation implies a deep connection between the personal and the communal, self and world. A “good” improviser successfully navigates musical and institutional boundaries and the desire for self-expression, pleasing not only herself but the listener as well.

– Rob Wallace