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PANEL: Race, Ethnography, Hybridity

Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston, David Leahy, Charles Smith, Paul Watkins

Published: 2010-09-10

VIDEO: A panel consisting of four presentations. Charles C. Smith (University of Toronto at Scarborough), presents a paper entitled: "Wind in the Leaves: Improvisation in Interdisciplinary Performance." Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston (Anthropology, Wilfrid Laurier University), presents a paper entitled: "Improvising Bodily Contagion in Performance-Centered Research in Postsocialist Poland." Paul Watkins (School of English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph), presents/performs a paper entitled: “The Jazz Sample: Flow, Layering, and Rupture in Hip Hop.” David Leahy (Département des lettres et communications, Université de Sherbrooke), presents a paper entitled: “Touching the Rhythm: How Improvisation Embodies Values.”

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Listening itself, an improvisative act engaged in by everyone, announces a practice of active engagement with the world, where we sift, interpret, store and forget, in parallel with action and fundamentally articulated with it ("Mobilitas Animi" 113).

– George E. Lewis