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Research Collection

  • Caissie, Sarah
    Spring, Howard
    Meadows, Eddie

    VIDEO: Four panelists explore the interplay between the body and improvisation in jazz history. Sarah Caissie presents a paper entitled: “The Early...

  • Williams, James Gordon
    Caines, Rebecca
    Backstrom, Melvin

    Four different presentations explore the body in relation to new media/technologies. James Gordon Williams presents a paper entitled: "Chopped 'n'...

  • Stanbridge, Alan
    Robinson, Jason
    Williams, Peter

    VIDEO: Four panelists present on a variety of topics related to the tensions that exist between musical tradition and musical innovation. Alan...

  • Abrams, Muhal Richard
    Mitchell, Roscoe
    Lewis, George

    Members of the AACM, Muhal Richard Abrams, Roscoe Mitchell and George Lewis participate in a panel moderated by Lincoln Beauchamp Jr. The members...

  • Paul Watkins
    Scott Thomson
    David Dove

    In a panel hosted by Paul Watkins, artists Scott Thomson, David Dove, and Joe Sorbara offer their perspectives on the community impacts of their...

  • Wallace, Rob
    Stewart, Jesse
    Rose, Simon

    VIDEO: Three panelists give presentations on a range of topics related to conflict, justice, and improvisation. Rob Wallace: “Improvisation,...

  • Ramshaw, Sara
    Figueroa-Dreher, Silvana
    Campbell, Gregor

    VIDEO: Three presenters give talks on a range of topics related to improvisation and risk, policy, and decision-making. Sara Ramshaw: "Giving Time to...

  • Chan, Charity
    Albahary, Daniel
    Eckart, Andrew

    VIDEO: Three presentations are given on a variety of topics related to copyright, justice, and improvisation. Charity Chan: “Alternative Copyright...

  • Lee, David
    Szekely, Michael

    VIDEO: David Lee presents a paper entitled: “Dance, Deconsecration, and Salvation: Ellington at Newport 1956”. Michael Szekely presents a paper...

  • McMullen, Tracy
    Piekut, Benjamin

    VIDEO: Two panelists present on the notion of the improvisative and its significance in relation to performativity. Benjamin Piekut: "From the...