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The Improviser-in-Residence program is a collaborative partnership with Musagetes, bringing improvising musicians into meaningful contact with the local community. The inaugural Improviser-in-Residence, Jane Bunnett, in 2011, offered innovative workshops for a variety of organizations including the Guelph Youth Jazz Ensemble, the Contemporary Music Ensemble, Homewood Health Centre, KidsAbility Centre for Child Development, Guelph-area high schools, Give Yourself Credit, and St. Joseph's Health Centre. In 2012, ICASP welcomed our second Improviser-in-Residence, New York musician, sound artist, and composer Miya Masaoka. Our third Improvisers-in-Residence were welcomed for a second phase of the program in 2012, Scott Thomson and Susanna Hood.

Current Improviser-in-Residence

  • 2013: Rich Marsella
  • Past Improviser-in-Residence Positions

  • 2012 (Phase Two): Scott Thomson and Susanna Hood
  • 2012: Miya Masaoka
  • 2011: Jane Bunnett
  • The Improviser-in-Residence program is funded with the support of Musagetes and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

    We’ll all be more innovative if we participate in collaborative webs and share more openly. Creativity is always a collaboration and it’s always a form of improvisation, written large in the social world.

    – Keith Sawyer