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Thinking Spaces: The ICASP Reading Group and Speaker Series (Guelph)

Next session: January 28th, 2011- 4 pm - Guelph Public Library

ICASP PhD student Paul Watkins will be presenting his research at the next reading group. This will be a live performance-based presentation utilizing hip-hop, theory, jazz music and Canadian poetry. Don't miss this, please spread the word!

Readings: (please contact Rebecca Caines at for copies of readings)

1. Paul Watkins. "Listening to a Listening:The Disruptive Jazz Poetics of Dionne Brand’s Ossuaries (a call towards freedom)."(Unpublished).

2. Excerpt from: Dionne Brand. "ossuary IV". Ossuaries. Toronto and New York: McClelland & Stewart, 2010. 39.

3 Charles Mingus, "Pithecanthropus Erectus" Pithecanthropus Erectus.New York, 1956. MUSIC:

...the innovative working models of improvisation developed by creative practitioners have helped to promote a dynamic exchange of cultural forms, and to encourage new, socially responsive forms of community building across national, cultural, and artistic boundaries.

– Ajay Heble