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Thinking Spaces: The ICASP Reading Group and Speaker Series (Guelph)

Next Session: Friday November 5th. 4-6 PM
Level 2 Boardroom, Guelph Public Library, downtown Guelph, contact Rebecca Caines for more information

Reading group includes community and artist presentations, discussions of readings, and informal talks by ICASP researchers and special guests.


Reading: Susan Leigh Foster. "Taken by Surprise: Improvisation in Dance and Mind." Taken by Surprise: A Dance Improvisation Reader. Eds. Ann Cooper Albright and David Gere. London and New York: Routledge, 2003. 3-10.

You can read it online at Google Books by clicking this link:

Or download a PDF copy to print out by clicking this link:

Contact Rebecca Caines if you need a printed or alternative version.


Coming Up:

  • A workshop on improvised movement and music with Louise Campbell (McGill University/Umbrella Ensemble). Monday November 15th. More details to follow. "What happens when we improvise? How do we tap into creative impulse and instinct? How does improvisation across disciplines such as movement and music influence and inform our play? What creative and therapeutic questions come into play? Drawing on my experience as a musician and mover in Laban Bartenieff Movement Fundamentals, Contact Improvisation and Zen Shiatsu, this presentation will explore how improvisatory movement practices can be used to inform and stimulate creative processes in music improvisation. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring the instrument of your choice. Come ready to move and play! "
  • The fantastic Winfried Siemerling on Montreal literature and jazz ( ) in a special session of the reading group. November/December. More details to follow

Improvisation implies a deep connection between the personal and the communal, self and world. A “good” improviser successfully navigates musical and institutional boundaries and the desire for self-expression, pleasing not only herself but the listener as well.

– Rob Wallace