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First Series of "Silence" Performances a Success

As previously announced on our website, the Silence music series based in Guelph, ON and featuring affiliated ICASP researchers and performers is an innovative site for new sound events. The first event at the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre on October 25th, 2012 was a great success. ICASP researcher David Lee had this to say about the experience:

"The Silence series organized by Ben Grossman and Daniel Fischlin got off to a flying start with three very different performances. Offered a spot playing double bass in this series debut, I opted to bring in Hamilton’s brilliant performance poet/saxophonist Gary Barwin, who offered some of his always provocative and hilarious texts and brought his son Ryan Barwin, a quick-eared and responsive pedal steel guitarist. Next up was Paul Watkins, who apologized for forgetting his iPod, and proceeded to manipulate a stack of LPs through an analog aural collage in which the iPod, though absent, was not missed. The final set was a collective of young local improvisers - Alex DesRochers, Esmé Nandorfy-Fischlin, Eden Segal-Grossman, Elena Martin and Maryn Kleinbeernink Work - coached by alto saxophonist Mark Laver, whose sensitive group improvisation incorporating glassworks, percussion, alto saxophone and dance was latterly augmented by more experienced players - baritone saxophonist Brent Rowan, guitarist Daniel Kruger, Gary and Ryan Barwin, Mark and myself - although this group of teenage players, whose own performance was ever-changing, lyrical and evocative, had already proved that they didn’t need our help."

Look forward to future Silence events by watching this page.

...partly because I know that’s the only way that we could solve a creative problem [using improvisation with children ranging in abilities] and what doesn’t work is trying to impose a template on the students who are not able to respond to that template.

– Pauline Oliveros (in working with Abilities First)