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2008-2009: Project Archivist

University of Guelph

Fall 2007: Project Archivist
2008: IT support
Winter 2009: Research Assistant

Currently working on a master's degree in Applied Computer Science at the University of Guelph, Martin's research focuses on applying computational tools to the field of improvisation. His most recent studies included the use of self-organizing maps for the visual analysis of recorded improvised musics.

Martin plays saxophone and clarinet and has been known to perform with Ellen Waterman (and other alumni), the university's Contemporary Music Ensemble and various indie rock bands in the area including: Republic of Safety, Elbow Beach Surf Club, Flattstreet and Leonard Gold. Martin has also made some attempts at computer-based improvisation with his project i.martron.

In the summer of 2007, Martin toured from Vancouver to Toronto by bicycle with his group Special Purpose: an electronic group based around dance mats and other video game controllers.

Improvisation implies a deep connection between the personal and the communal, self and world. A “good” improviser successfully navigates musical and institutional boundaries and the desire for self-expression, pleasing not only herself but the listener as well.

– Rob Wallace