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Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-12

University of Guelph

Mark V. Campbell is an ICASP Postdoctoral Fellow with the University of Guelph engaged in a project which interrogates the relationships between turntablism, improvisation and consumption in late capitalism. Mark’s research interests include Afrodiasporic theory and culture, Canadian hip hop cultures, Afrosonic innovations and youth community development projects. In 2010 Mark curated T-Dot Pioneers, his first exhibition on the history of Toronto hip hop culture. Mark has been DJing for the past fifteen years, and has experimented with sound art and digital production. Mark’s recent publications include; “Other/ed” kinds of Blackness: An Afrodiasporic Versioning of Black Canada; “Connect the T.Dots – Remix Multiculturalism: After Caribbean-Canadian, Social Possibilities for Living with Difference”; and “Remixing the Social: Pursuing Social Inclusion through Music Education”.

Improvisation is a human right

– Muhal Richard Abrams