Lori Freedman

The Underbelly

Listen to The Underbelly. Written by Wende Bartley and Lori Freedman. Performed by Lori Freedman on February 26, 2003, at the Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Montreal.

The Underbelly (2001) is the result of a collaboration between Lori Freedman and electroacoustic composer Wende Bartley. It consists of a fixed tape part over which a performer improvises the live instrumental part. The tape part is made up of found sounds that Bartley assembled from field recordings of the assorted environments in which she and Freedman were working, including various locations in Amsterdam.

The Score

The score consists of a “screen capture” of the sequencing window in which the audio samples are arranged. The samples serve as visual cues for the performer indicating what to listen for in the tape part, as well as indicating the passage of time. The live part consists of rough hand-written notes written directly onto the screen capture of the sequencing window. These notes indicate everything, including the pitch material, dynamics, and style, as well as what to listen for in the tape part. Given the fixed nature of the tape part, the flexibility of the performance is limited, where the temporal structure and the basic sequencing of events remains unchanged from performance to performance.

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