Nick Loess

(b. 1978)
Nick Loess is a visual artist specializing in film, photography, and multi-media works. As an artist, he explores the relationships between the visual, the aural, and the theoretical, particularly within improvised performances, natural spaces, and relational collaborations. Throughout his career, Loess has produced both film and photo works. Most recently, he created a short film in which he attempted to engage visually and theoretically with the overlapping of the interval in and between improvised music and montage. Loess also collaborates with other performance artists, most recently and particularly with Germaine Liu. In addition to the graphic score produced for this exhibit, Loess and Liu are working on a piece examining the relationship between the aural and the visual in improvised performance. Specifically, they are exploring the ways in which the collaborative process affects that relationship, as well as the idea of permanency in the production of a given work. Loess has a Master’s degree in Critical Theory from McMaster University. He is beginning a PhD in the School of English and Theatre Studies at the University of Guelph in September 2009, where he hopes to experiment visually with the imaginative overlap between the practices of editing and improvising, and with tracking the movements of other species through particular spaces.

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