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Plenary Panel, Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice: Research Results Showcase

Guelph Jazz Festival, ICASP

Published: 2014-08-19

Moderator: Ellen Waterman (Faculty of Music, Memorial University of Newfoundland)
• George Lipsitz (Department of Black Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara), "Improvisation and Transcultural Understanding"
• Kevin McNeilly (Department of English, University of British Columbia), "Improvisation, Text, and Media"
• Jesse Stewart (Music, Carleton University), "Improvisation and Pedagogy"
• Sherrie Tucker (American Studies, University of Kansas), "Improvisation, Gender, and the Body"
• Eric Lewis (Philosophy, McGill University), "Improvisation and Social Aesthetics; Improvisation, Law, and Justice"

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...the innovative working models of improvisation developed by creative practitioners have helped to promote a dynamic exchange of cultural forms, and to encourage new, socially responsive forms of community building across national, cultural, and artistic boundaries.

– Ajay Heble