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PANEL 4B: Rhythm Changes: Jazz Cultures and European Identities

Guelph Jazz Festival, ICASP

Published: 2014-08-19

A conference panel presented as part of the 2013 Guelph Jazz Festival Colloquium. • Tony Whyton (Salford Music Research Centre, University of Salford, UK), “Rhythm Changes: Understanding the Cultural Politics of European Jazz”
• Walter van de Leur (Department of Musicology, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), “Representing Europe: the Dutch, Jazz, and Death”
• Loes Rusch (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands) “Dutch Jazz in the Making: Musical Ownership and the Process of Transformative Collaboration”

Available Files

  • GJFC_2013_Panel_4B_Rhythm_Changes_full_edited.mp4

    700 MB | video/mp4


...partly because I know that’s the only way that we could solve a creative problem [using improvisation with children ranging in abilities] and what doesn’t work is trying to impose a template on the students who are not able to respond to that template.

– Pauline Oliveros (in working with Abilities First)