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Oliveros - Improvising Composition

Chapter Four: Improvising Composition: How to Listen in the Time Between

"Listening is the core process for this chapter, both in the writing and in the reading. A number of examples drawn from over five decades of my music are discussed here. [...] The Reader is invited to listen to these excerpts from my pieces as you read about them in this chapter."

Listening Example One: First Group Improvisations with Terry Riley, Loren Rush, and Pauline Oliveros

Listening Example Two: Variations for Sextet (excerpt with score)

Listening Example Three: Time Perspectives (excerpt)

Listening Example Four: Mnemonics III (excerpt)

Listening Example Five: I of IV (excerpt)

Listening Example Six: Crone Music (excerpt)

Listening Example Seven: Lear (excerpt)

Listening Example Eight: St. George and the Dragon (excerpt)

Listening Example Nine: Pauline Oliveros and Barre Phillips at the Luz Jazz Festival (excerpt).

All listening and score examples are copyright Pauline Oliveros unless otherwise noted.

The sound excerpt from Crone Music is used by permission of Lovely Music, Ltd.

Lear was originally published by New Albion Records which, sadly, went defunct in 2012.

The sound excerpt from St. George and the Dragon is used by permission of Mode Records, copyright 1994.

Musical improvisation is a crucial model for political, cultural, and ethical dialogue and action.

– Ajay Heble