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UBC Colloquium 2015 - Launching Tomorrow!!

The 2015 UBC IICSI Colloquium, in partnership with Coastal Jazz launches tomorrow!

Time Changes: Improvisation, History, and the Body will take place June 20 and 21, 2015, during the opening weekend of the TD Canada Trust Vancouver International Jazz Festival, at UBC Robson Square (room C100). Presentations from artists, performers, scholars and community members – including keynotes by musicians performing at the festival – will focus on social, cultural and artistic encounters with and depictions of time and of the times in which we live. What does it mean to create in the moment? What are the implications of keeping time or of transgressing time? How do the improvised arts, such as jazz, present both individual and collective history? How do musical, poetic or kinetic beats relate to broader social and historical rhythms? How does the does the human body sound its time and place? Can improvisation bring about tangible social or cultural change? Do improvisational arts – theatre, music, spoken word, dance – enact any particular kinds of futurity, any politics of hope? What does it mean to embody particular traditions or genealogies when one improvises?

Please click here to view the full schedule.

There is a curious yet enormously fruitful duality in the way that improvisation plays on our expectations and perspectives.

– Tracey Nicholls