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Thinking Spaces: Thursday, March 20, 2014

The next session of the Thinking Spaces Reading series will take the form of a public talk with Cecil Foster on Thursday, March 20, 2014 at McLaughlin Library, University of Guelph. The talk will run 7-9 pm in the Academic Town Square section of the Main floor (next to the Williams Coffee. Go through the main entrance, pass the information desk and head to the right). Below is a short description of the talk:

"Independence and Genuine Multiculturalism: Improvizations of Life in the Key of the Social"

"In this talk, I look at what it means in Modernity to be social and discuss how the very idea of being human, civil and cultured implies relentless improvization. This is tantamount to (re)negotiating in the moment the tragedy of the human condition in the hopes of constructing perhaps permanently a comedy called a civil society. Such is the task whether the project is to bring into existence a nation state born into freedom and independence or to ensure that once such a state has been established that all members in all their diversity and differences receive social justice. To this end, I will be drawing from my just-published books, "Independence, a novel" and the non-fiction "Genuine Multiculturalism: Tragedy and Comedy of Diversity."

As always, the event is free and all are welcome.

For more information about this event or Thinking Spaces, please contact Chris Tonelli at or Lauren Michelle Levesque at

We hope to see you on Thursday!

Improvisation is, simply put, being and living this very moment. No one can hide in music, and improvising in music is to be truly in this very moment and being completely yourself, with all your qualities and faults. It is probably the most honest state for a human being to be in.

– John McLaughlin in an interview with Daniel Fischlin.