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Thinking Spaces: Thursday January 9, 2014

The next meeting of the Thinking Spaces Reading Group and Speakers Series will occur Thursday January 9, 4-6pm at the Guelph Public Library at 100 Norfolk street (2nd floor boardroom - just follow the stairs from the main entrance, it's right at the top). At this meeting Dr. Chris Tonelli will lead a discussion on the connections between mimetic art and improvised music. He will draw on the work of Dr. Gary Peters and his own dissertation on pastiche in popular music and we will discuss how we can conceive of the power and socio-political potential of mimetic and improvisatory musics in similar manners. Anyone interested in discussing issues of borrowing, re-presentation, repetition, or quotation in any art form (hip-hop, painting, film, etc), will benefit from this discussion.

Those who prefer to prepare for the meeting can read Dr. Gary Peters' chapter "Freedom, Origination, and Irony" from his book The Philosophy of Improvisation online here.

Can't make it in person? Check out the livestream of the event by searching "Thinking Spaces" on or clicking here.

Livestream participants can join in the discussion by using the livestream instant message window.

As always, the group is free and everyone is welcome.

So one of the things that improvisation has come to mean in the context of highly technological performance is that improvisation is the last claim to the legitimate presence of a human in the performance of music.

– Bob Ostertag