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Thinking Spaces: The Guelph ICASP Reading Group and Speaker Series

Next Session: Friday, March 25th, 4pm at the Guelph Public Library

Frédérique Arroyas
University of Guelph
“The Role of Literature and Improvisation in Robert Lepage’s Solo Stage Shows”


“It’s an obsession of mine to reconcile the language of film and theatre. The only way theatre is to stay alive is to embrace the vocabulary of alternative ways of storytelling.” Robert Lepage

Robert Lepage’s work with frames, projections and other forms of technical stage magic is internationally celebrated. Is there a place for the literary text in this multimedia environment? In this presentation, we will examine how Lepage constructs his one-man shows through improvisation and technical wizardry and how literary texts come to find their place in his multifaceted productions.


NFB's “Portrait of Robert Lepage”:

EXMACHINA - Lepage's company website:

Please join us for dinner afterwards!


April 8th, 4pm
Guelph Public Library
Rebecca Caines, John Campbell and Nicholas Loess
"Improvised Memory Boxes"

A special Guelph version of the interactive workshop performance event which will be held at the Performance Studies international Conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands in May.

Come along and help us "remember" ICASP's work in 2010-2011 through an interactive workshop in video, photography, audio and text; resulting in a brand new website created and improvised into being by the workshop participants.

April 15th, 1pm
Guelph Public Library
Improvisation, Artistic, and Pedagogical Practice
An ICASP Symposium

With special guests videoconferencing presentations from ICASP's other bases at McGill University and from the University of British Columbia.

Professor Alan Stanbridge
University of Toronto at Scarborough
"Don’t Fence Me In: Music, Sampling, and Creativity on the Digital Frontier"

This will be the last reading group event for 2010-2011. Look forward to seeing you at the Library on Fridays every two weeks September-April, for more great discussions and updates.

So one of the things that improvisation has come to mean in the context of highly technological performance is that improvisation is the last claim to the legitimate presence of a human in the performance of music.

– Bob Ostertag