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Musagetes Job Posting: Program Manager

Musagetes has significantly expanded its initiatives over the past two years, particularly Musagetes Cafés, local artistic programs and artist placements. The initiatives are led by the Executive Director in collaboration with a Program Manager, Project Assistant and other local collaborators and partners.

The Program Manager will work closely with the Executive Director, Project Assistant, contractors, consultants and local partners in the research, development and implementation of Musagetes Cafés in North America and Europe. Development of a 3-4 year initiative consists of an in-depth understanding of the local context, identifying the critical spaces, issues, individuals and organizations with whom and with which to engage, curating a program of artistic projects, designing and curating the café conversations and participants, and participating in documentation and evaluative processes. The Program Manager will take a leading role in all of these aspects of the long-term local initiatives.

Musagetes seeks a highly motivated, self-directed individual with knowledge of and passion for the arts. The role will appeal to a forward thinking, creative and collaborative individual who will naturally view the world according to “what is possible.” Candidates should have experience curating socially engaged artistic projects.

Job Posting for Musagetes Program Manager

Improvisation is, simply put, being and living this very moment. No one can hide in music, and improvising in music is to be truly in this very moment and being completely yourself, with all your qualities and faults. It is probably the most honest state for a human being to be in.

– John McLaughlin in an interview with Daniel Fischlin.