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La j'etais (There, I was) by Nicholas Loess: Friday June 24th, 2011

La j'etais (There, I was): Live visuals, text and music by Nicholas Loess, Ben Grossman, Germaine Liu, Mark Zurawinski, & Taylor Moran

Friday, June 24 · 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
358 Gordon Street (at College Avenue) | Guelph, ON

As a part of concluding his secondary area of study for his PhD, Nicholas Loess (Murphy) has produced a live, photographic essay comprised of intertitles, and film and video stills, exploring the aesthetic boundaries between visual representation, aural improvisation, fiction, and the documentary form. Acclaimed improvisers Mark Zurawinski (percussion), Germaine Liu (percussion), Taylor Moran (electro-acoustics) and Ben Grossman (hurdy gurdy) will perform the simultaneous roles of audience member and sound provider for the piece. The impetus for this project is part-experiment, part-hommage. Next year will mark fifty years since the release of Chris Marker's cine-roman 'La j'etee'. A film that explored the prickly side of memory through still image. Loess takes the other side of Marker's homophone (la j'etais), utilizing lomographic and videographic textures to incorporate some of Marker's ideas with his visuals. The performance will be followed by a brief essay, and mingling.

Visit the facebook page: La j'etais (There, I was)

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