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ICASP Remembers Digital Media Editor and Friend, Kenny Doren

It is with sadness that ICASP reflects on the passing of multi-media artist and composer, Kenny Doren, on September 22nd, 2012. Kenny was a friend and supporter of the ICASP project and made valuable contributions as the project’s Digital Media Editor. Kenny’s work was exhibited and celebrated in venues worldwide, while his own teaching as a professional in video and sound work was valued by all those who learned from his expertise in the ICASP community at Guelph. He will be remembered by his colleagues at ICASP as a brilliant collaborator and a charismatic member of the community whose own video art, particularly his ‘digital operas,’ embodied so closely the spirit of ICASP’s mandates. On his personal website, Kenny explains the ambitious aims of his artistic practice: “My work to date is an investigation of popular culture and the media, western history, spirituality and personal experiences. All of this informs my approach to developing a ‘re-definition’ of history and popular thought. I treat pop culture like a literary classic, history becomes fiction and spirituality becomes the everyday and mundane. I am interested in destabilizing the routine relationship the performers have to the original audio, text and or visual, while stimulating other types of responses, I achieve this through regulating and accenting certain roles of the collaborators, creating an unpredictability of content, sound and image.” Kenny’s own artistic interventions and teaching examples will continue to resonate in the work of those he inspired in the ICASP community and beyond.

On October 4th, 2012 Kenny’s wife, Gayle, gave birth to a boy, Isaac Kenneth Q Doren. Gayle shared this joyous note: “He is healthy, beautiful and full of love and goodness.”

Musical improvisation is a crucial model for political, cultural, and ethical dialogue and action.

– Ajay Heble