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Artist Residency in Greece: Deadline for Applications June 25, 2011

Open call for six artists from the fields of new media (musicians, dancers-performers, video artists, photographers, e.t.c.) wishing to participate in our 10 day residency in Greece creating a collective work that will be performed at the Onassis Cultural Center ( in Athens Greece. We will consider both the quality of the submitted work, and evidence of the willingness to both cooperate across art-forms, and contribute to the collective project.

The residency
Since 2009 the artist collective Medea Electronique has organizes annually a 10 day experimental artist residency, Koumaria, near Sparta in Greece, focusing on improvisation and new media practices. Avant-garde artists from all over the world, inspired by the Greek natural landscape, create a multicultural and cross-media ‘dialogue’ culminating in a collective presentation in Athens at the end of the residency.

The goal of the residency is the creation of an educational experience for the participants that will inspire and exalt their future work. The cross-cultural dialogues that the residency engenders both create new artistic speculations and smelt older assumptions. Past residents have formed both lasting friendships and new artistic partnerships. Medea Electronique, being an eclectic art collective, is interested in people from diverse cultural and artistic backrounds. For us the residency serves as a model for future creative endeavors.

The residency is held at an organic olive oil farm at the foot of Mount Taigetos in Sparta. The residency, a modern and comfortable house, features dormitory-style bedrooms, large and comfortable common rooms (featuring fireplaces and magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and fields), two primary spaces for project development and practice, terraces, rooftop overlooks, and a large and modern kitchen. The surrounding hills, mountains, villages and the not too distant sea, coupled with a vast expanse of sky, stars, and ever-changing mountain vistas, afford the residents amble space and opportunity for creative work. Meals are taken communally, with an emphasis on fresh and local produce and traditional recipes. In this environment artists not only have the chance to live and work together in interaction with the Greek landscape but also to interchange their experiences on everyday life and culture.

Download Koumaria 2011 open call and application details

Musical improvisation is a crucial model for political, cultural, and ethical dialogue and action.

– Ajay Heble