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Guelph Reading Group: 2008 Readings

Alterhaug, Bjorn. “Improvisation on a triple theme: Creativity, Jazz Improvisation and Communication.”

Fitzpatrick, Susan. “The Imaginary and Improvisation in Public Administration.”

Gilbert, Jeremy. "Becoming Music: The Rhizomatic Moment of Improvisation." In Deleuze and Music.

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Hebidge, Dick. "Even Unto Death: Improvisation, Edging, and Improvement." Critical Inquiry.

Herman, Barbara. “Moral Improvisation” (a chapter from her book Moral Literacy).

Mehldau, Brad, "Music and Language"-- liner notes from Progression: Art of the Trio Volume 5 available at: Music and Language

Ramshaw, Sara. "Deconstructin(g) Jazz Improvisation: Derrida and the Law of the Singular Event." In Critical Studies in Improvisation 2, no 1 (2006).

Stanbridge, Alan, "From the Margins to the Mainstream: Jazz, Social Relations, and Discourses of Value"

Székely, Michael. "Thresholds: Jazz, Improvisation, Heterogeneity, and Politics in Postmodernity." Jazz Perspectives2, no. 1 (January 2008): 29-50.

Weick, Karl E. “Improvisation as a Mindset for Organizational Analysis” from the journal Organization Science, vol. 9, #5

An online article from BNET, "All that jazz: jazz as a metaphor for business? It's not such a stretch, says musician and motivator Michael Gold - Management" available at: BNET

An article from Newsweek magazine, Aug 20-27, 2007 issue, "A New Way of War", available at: Newsweek
Wikipedia definition of improvisation

Improvisation is, simply put, being and living this very moment. No one can hide in music, and improvising in music is to be truly in this very moment and being completely yourself, with all your qualities and faults. It is probably the most honest state for a human being to be in.

– John McLaughlin in an interview with Daniel Fischlin.