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Guelph Reading Group: 2008 Readings

Alterhaug, Bjorn. “Improvisation on a triple theme: Creativity, Jazz Improvisation and Communication.”

Fitzpatrick, Susan. “The Imaginary and Improvisation in Public Administration.”

Gilbert, Jeremy. "Becoming Music: The Rhizomatic Moment of Improvisation." In Deleuze and Music.

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Hebidge, Dick. "Even Unto Death: Improvisation, Edging, and Improvement." Critical Inquiry.

Herman, Barbara. “Moral Improvisation” (a chapter from her book Moral Literacy).

Mehldau, Brad, "Music and Language"-- liner notes from Progression: Art of the Trio Volume 5 available at: Music and Language

Ramshaw, Sara. "Deconstructin(g) Jazz Improvisation: Derrida and the Law of the Singular Event." In Critical Studies in Improvisation 2, no 1 (2006).

Stanbridge, Alan, "From the Margins to the Mainstream: Jazz, Social Relations, and Discourses of Value"

Székely, Michael. "Thresholds: Jazz, Improvisation, Heterogeneity, and Politics in Postmodernity." Jazz Perspectives2, no. 1 (January 2008): 29-50.

Weick, Karl E. “Improvisation as a Mindset for Organizational Analysis” from the journal Organization Science, vol. 9, #5

An online article from BNET, "All that jazz: jazz as a metaphor for business? It's not such a stretch, says musician and motivator Michael Gold - Management" available at: BNET

An article from Newsweek magazine, Aug 20-27, 2007 issue, "A New Way of War", available at: Newsweek
Wikipedia definition of improvisation

If people talked the way they drummed in improvisation, then I think the world would be a lot nicer…

– Youth participant, ICASP improvisation workshop