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Summer 2010: Graduate Research Assistant (Website Launch Event Organizer)

University of Guelph

Sarah became involved in activism at a young age and has organized for various environmental, economic and global security issues on a community, provincial and international level. She is a native of Niagara and attended Brock University where she completed her B.A. in Theatre with a concentration in performance. Before coming to Guelph, she spent one semester at New York University where she studied performance and ecology. Sarah is currently completing her MRP on radical street theatre, working as an activist on environmental issues, and composing lyrics for her album "ShyDumb". This summer Sarah is very excited to be organizing the ICASP website launch event that will be taking place in September.

So one of the things that improvisation has come to mean in the context of highly technological performance is that improvisation is the last claim to the legitimate presence of a human in the performance of music.

– Bob Ostertag