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Research Collaborator

University of Guelph

Dr. Knowles has published on the relationship between improvisation in theatre and in jazz, as well as on the improvisational theatre games, "Theatresports," and he works as a theatre director, using improvisation as part of his professional and pedagogical practice. He is editor of the quarterly Canadian Theatre Review and former editor (1999-2005) of Modern Drama. He is author of Reading the Material Theatre (2004), Shakespeare and Canada (2004), and The Theatre of Form and the Production of Meaning (1999), co-author of Remembering Women Murdered by Men (2001), editor of Theatre in Atlantic Canada, Judith Thompson, and The Masks of Judith Thompson (2005), and co-editor of Staging Coyote's Drama: An Anthology of First Nations Drama in English (2003). He received his BA, master’s, and PhD in English Literature from the University of Toronto.

...partly because I know that’s the only way that we could solve a creative problem [using improvisation with children ranging in abilities] and what doesn’t work is trying to impose a template on the students who are not able to respond to that template.

– Pauline Oliveros (in working with Abilities First)